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The key to preventing or removing vomit from carpet is to act fast, before it stains the fibers. The stomach acids in vomit can alter the dyes in some carpets (especially the ones with natural fibers). If this happens, you remove all of the vomit but still have permanent discoloration of the spot.

If the vomit is fresh, scoop it up from both sides using a dust pan and piece of cardboard or two pieces of cardboard. If it is dried you can break it up and scrape it loose with a dull knife or with the edge of a tablespoon. Vacuum afterward, and then proceed to the next step.

Make a solution of about four ounces of ammonia and eight ounces of water. Spray this over the affected area to neutralize the acids and odor, and to clean the substances not yet removed. Work it in gently and immediately blot up the excess moisture with clean cotton rags (white, to be safe) or plain white paper towels. Repeat the process until you have used up the solution, and make more if you are still seeing stain transfer to the cloth.

You have to remove the ammonia (and don't let it soak all the way through the carpet). For this you can use a solution on one cup of warm water with about five drops of Joy or Dawn dish detergent. Apply and blot it up. Repeat until clean.

Use plain tap water to rinse everything out. Spray or sprinkle it on the spot and blot it up, then repeat this until the area is clean.

This video shows you another basic method for cleaning up vomit on carpet:

When you are done - or think you are - put your nose down there close to the spit to see if you are truly finished removing the vomit. If not, start all over and repeat the procedure above. If any discoloration is permanent, try one of the options suggest on our page covering permanent carpet stains. Replacing you carpet is rarely the only choice you have.

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