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Whether or not you can get toothpaste stains out of carpet has to do with the type of toothpaste that was spilled, how long the spill has been there, and the type of carpeting. An old stain from a highly-colored toothpaste might be permanent. If so, see the link further down for advice on what to do. Meanwhile, here are some things to try first.

If it is a fresh spill, try not to spread it by rubbing the spot. Instead scoop out the toothpaste from two sides using two spoon or two pieces of cardboard. If it is dried, break it up and scrape it out with a dull knife or the edge of a spoon. The move on to the next steps...

Make a cleaning solution of two ounces of clear household ammonia in four ounces of water. Apply this to the stain with a spray bottle if the stain is large, or by careful dripping on smaller stains. After working it into the fibers gently for a few seconds, blot it up with clean white cotton rags or paper towels that have no colors added. Repeat this process until you have used up the solution.

Use dish soap in warm water - four or five drops to a cup - to clean the spot more and to remove the ammonia. Spray it or drip it onto the spot and blot it up, then repeat.Once all of the ammonia is removed, rinse and blot the area repeatedly with plain tap water to remove any remaining soap residue.

If there is still any discoloration in the carpet, the toothpaste stains might be permanent. You can repeat the whole procedure one more time to be sure. Even if you can't remove all of the stain you might lighten it substantially.

If the stain contained any bright colors it can be helpful to dry the spot very quickly when you are done. This stops any dyes that are deeper in the carpet fibers from migrating to the top where they will be visible again. Press clean paper towels onto the spot until you get no more moisture in this way. Then place a fan where it can blow on the spot for a few hours.

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