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Although they can be some of the worst, you can sometimes remove tea stains from carpet, or at least lighten them to the point that they are not too noticeable. Get the spills cleaned quickly for best results, and to keep the stain from spreading. But even if you don't get to a spill right away or discover it later, you can try the following procedure.

Make a solution of two ounces of white vinegar and four ounces of warm water. Use a spray bottle or just sprinkle this mixture over the stained area. After a moment remove the excess moisture by blotting it up with plain (no color) paper towels or a clean white cotton cloth or rag. Repeat the process until you have used up the solution. If there is still stain transferring to the cloth, make m,ore of the mix and continue doing this.

Once you no longer see stain transferring to the cloth it is time to remove the vinegar. Use a solution of dish soap (I prefer Dawn or Joy) and warm water - a few drops of the soap in a cup or less of water. Apply this and blot it up, then repeat until the vinegar is gone. You can sniff the carpet to be sure you have removed all of the vinegar solution.

Rinse out the detergent solution using tap water. Rinse, blot and repeat until the spot is clean.

If some stain remains, you can try using 3% hydrogen peroxide. Apply it selectively to just the stained fibers, using the corner of a cloth or a cotton swab. Allow it to sit there for an hour. Although it turns to water in time, you still might want to rinse it with tap water to remove any other leftover substances from the tea stains.

Dry the spot as quickly as you can to prevent any remaining stain that is deep in the carpet fibers from rising to the top with moisture. After patting the area with dry rags or paper towels, place a fan where it can blow over the spot and leave it on for a few hours.

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