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Removing Mayonnaise Stains


You won't have to worry abut removing mayonnaise stains if you catch them while they are still just spills. Be careful picking up globs of mayonnaise though, so you don't rub it into more carpet fibers. Scoop from two sides at once using spoons or pieces of cardboard. Then follow the instructions below.

If the spill is discovered later when dried, you still can remove mayonnaise stains. Scrap out any chunks with the edge of a metal spoon, and vacuum the spot. Then take following steps for dried stains or fresh spills.

Using isopropyl rubbing alcohol on a clean white cotton cloth, dab the spot without rubbing too hard. Rub gently in one direction, and be sure not to allow the alcohol to soak in so heavily that it reaches the carpet backing (it can liquefy the glue, causing delamination). Follow this with a clean dry cloth to soak up excess, and repeat the process.

Do this until you no longer see transfer of the stain to the cloth or paper towels you are using to blot up the excess, or until you no longer smell the mayonnaise when you put your nose close to the spot. Mayonnaise stains can be difficult to see, so the nose test is best.

Just to be sure you have it all, and to get the rest of the alcohol out, apply a mix of water and dish detergent (Dawn or Joy - few drops to a cup of warm water). Blot this up and reapply several times. Afterward, apply plain water several times and extract with a clean cloth or wet/dry vacuum cleaner each time.

Dry the carpet quickly by blotting up excess moisture and then allowing a fan to blow over the spot for a couple hours.

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