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The video here will show you the most basic procedures for removing a stain from carpet. This process will get out most stains, without the need for a professional cleaner or even the need for specialized cleaning solvents. If the method shown here does not work for a particular stain, refer to the pages that cover specific kinds of stains. Some of those are linked to following the video, and all of them can be found on the homepage.

If you wanted the video through to the end you have a good idea how to remove a stain--at least most of the common ones. But sometimes it takes a little bit more than just water or detergent to get a stain out.

Here are some of the other pages on basic procedures and other things you need to know:

How to Get Out Carpet Stains - More on the basics
A Permanent Stain - What you can do when it just won't come out.
Carpet Stain Removers - How to use them without doing further damage.
Best Way to Clean Carpet - It isn't with a do-it-yourself machine.

From asphalt to mustard to wine, all the various specific stains are covered on their own pages, and all of those pages are linked to from the homepage, the site map, or from the Carpet Stain Removal Guide. There are more than 40 different types listed.

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