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How to Get Gravy Stains Out


There are two methods here, and if you use either you should be able to get out most gravy stains from carpet. But there are different substances in different types of gravy, so it is possible that you'll need professional help if you still see some staining after completing the steps laid out below.

First, try to clean up the gravy as soon as you can after it spills. Grab a spoon and use that and a finger to scoop up the liquid before it soaks in deeper or spreads. Scoop toward the center of the spilled gravy.

The Fastest Way

The fastest way to clean up gravy stains in carpet, if you have the necessary equipment, is to use a spray bottle and wet-dry vacuum cleaner (a shop-vac). First suck out as much of the gravy as you can as quickly as you can. Then mix a quarter-teaspoon of a mild dish detergent (Dawn or Joy work well) with a pint of warm water, in a spray bottle.

Spray the gravy spot until it is thoroughly wetted, and vacuum the solution out. Do this repeatedly until you see no more gravy or discoloration in the carpet fibers. Then fill the spray bottle with plain water and repeat the same procedure in order to remove all detergent residue.

When you have finished, place a fan where it can blow on the spot for an hour or two, to speed the drying process. Alternately you can use a stack of white paper towels with some weight on them. Be sure they are plain white (no colorer designs), and replace them as they get wet, until there is no more moisture coming out of the spot. Them remove them so the spot can air-dry to finish.

A Slower Way

If you do not have a shop-vac or a spray bottle handy, you can simply drip the water and soap mixture on the spot with your fingers, and then blot it out with a clean white cotton cloth or undyed paper towels. Keep doing this until the gravy stain is gone. Then do the same with plain water to rinse the area. Afterward, dry the spot as described above.

If there still is some staining or discoloration, you might get a bit more of the gravy out of the fibers by carefully brushing some hydrogen peroxide on them (the common 3% solution). Let this stand for an hour and then blot it up. This does not need rinsing because it will covert to water on its own. Dry thoroughly (and quickly if possible).

If any stain remains after this, it will probably require professional equipment.

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