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Since there are actually several different types of formulas used in making crayons, whether you can get the stains out of your carpet depends on what the particular crayons are made of. Some colors are also tougher to remove than others. So the process for getting crayon out of carpet is explained below, but you might not be able to remove the stains that remain, even after your best efforts. It also depends on the type of carpeting. If you fail to get it all you can try the solutions outlined on the page on permanent stains.

It is perhaps obvious that you should quickly pick up and crayons or crayon pieces that fall on carpet. Not only can they be stepped on and so ground into the fibers, but the sun coming through a window can melt them into the carpet as well. Then you really have a mess. Let's start there...

If you do have a gooey gob of crayon melted into your rug or carpeting, the first thing you need to do is to break it up and pull out as much as you can. If you try this while the substance is still warm it may just become a bigger mess. Put some ice on the crayon spot for a few minutes first. This should harden it up so you can carefully break it into chunks that can be pulled out by hand. Vacuum the spot to get the smaller flecks that result.

The remaining crayon might come out with isopropyl or "rubbing alcohol." The 70% variety will work, but the 90% is better. In either case avoid any that have color added to them. Never pour alcohol on a carpet spot or stain, because if it reaches the backing it can destroy the glue there. Instead, put some on a clean white cotton rag or white paper towel and dab at the discolored fibers.

Repeat this process, using a new part of the rag and a bit more alcohol as necessary. When you see no more transfer of color from the spot to the cloth you have gone as far as you can with this process. If there is still some stain, read the section below. Otherwise, blot up the alcohol with a dry clean rag or white paper towels, then sprinkle a bit of water on it (a spray bottle is best for this; otherwise dribble the water on the area carefully with your fingers) and blot that up.

Here's a video that demonstrates a method for getting crayon out:

If there is still gunk in the carpet fibers, and if it's a waxy crayon, you try the paper-bag and iron method explained on the page How to Get Candle Wax Out. Be aware, though, that this is likely to make any color stains harder to get out, so use the technique only when the color of the crayon is close to that of the carpet.

If the crayon is out but the color is not, you probably need a professional cleaner (and even he may not get it all). If it is a red stain you can try the procedure detailed on the page about Red Stains.

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