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It is easier to remove chocolate from that carpet than to remove the resulting stains. So pick up any dropped pieces of chocolate before they are melted or rubbed into the carpet! But if you miss some and they melt into the fibers or get walked on and rubbed in, don't despair. It really is possible to remove most chocolate stains from carpet. Here's how...

Put an ice cube on the spot to harden any remaining chocolate. Then scrape out the chunks to the extent possible using a dull knife or the edge of a teaspoon. Now, to remove the rest of the stain...

Wet the area with water a little at a time and use a wet/dry shop-vac to remove the water between applications. This will usually not be enough to get the stain out, so we move on...

Make a mixture of clear ammonia (1 tablespoon) and water (4 ounces). Using a spray bottle if you have one, apply this to the stain without soaking it too heavily (don't let it soak through to the carpet pad). Using a clean white cotton cloth or plain white paper towels, blot up the moisture between applications. Repeat this process until you see no more stain transferring to the cloth as you dab at the spot.

If the stain is removed, rinse and blot repeatedly with water, then dry the area.

If you still see some chocolate, apply a mixture of water (six ounces) and dish detergent (plain Dawn or Joy - a few drops) to the area a little at a time. Blot between applications and watch to see if the stain is still transferring to the cloth or paper towels.

Here's a video that demonstrates a method for removing chocolate stains:

Dry the spot quickly. After you blot up the majority of the moisture put a stack of folded paper towels over the area and place a weight on them, like a gallon jug of water or something that weighs over five pounds. Replace the paper towels every few minutes until they are no longer drawing moisture out. You can finish the drying by aiming a fan at the spot.

This is how you can remove most chocolate stains in most cases. If the steps above do not remove the stain completely, you can try applying hydrogen peroxide to the stained fibers, brushing it on using a cotton swab. Let this remain for an hour, and then soak it up with a clean white cotton cloth or white paper towels. You might try one more application, but after that you unlikely to remove any more of the chocolate stain. Dry the area quickly so it will not attract dirt.

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