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How to Remove Bleach Stains From Carpet


It isn't technically possible to remove bleach marks from carpet. The problem is that what you see are not stains, but are just spots where the dye has been removed from the carpet fibers. Fortunately, though, there are some things you can do to make the carpet look better.

To start with, if it is a fresh spill, don't let it spread. Dab it quickly with a white paper towel or get out the wet/dry vacuum cleaner and suck out any remaining liquid bleach. Then open a window and/or turn on a nearby bathroom fan, because the fumes can be toxic. Spray or drip some water on the spot and blot it up or suck it up with that wet/dry vacuum. Repeat this process until you are pretty sure there is no more bleach in the rug.

If it is a fresh spill it may take a little while before you see the bleaching out of the color, but at this point the damage is done. Now, since you can't remove a removal of dye, you need to fix or hide the spot. Dyeing of bleach spots is possible, although it is difficult for a homeowner to do on his or her own. You might want to call a professional carpet cleaner who specializes in restoration work.

This video shows you how to dye bleach-stained carpet, if you want to try it yourself:

If you want to risk making a mess or wasting your time, look for carpet dyes online. You'll need to carefully follow the instructions that come with a product, but in general you dye lightly, and add more a bit at a time until you get a match for the surrounding carpet.

Another option is to cut the spot out and fill it in with carpet you have leftover from the original installation, or a piece that you cut out of a corner of a closet - where it won't be noticed. Cut it a bit large and trim it as necessary to perfectly match the piece removed. Secure it with carpet glue and weight it down until dry. Then fluff up the fibers and mix them into the surrounding tufts to make the spot invisible (you hope). If you haven't done this before you might want to hire a professional.

If the bleached spot is just at the surface of the fibers you might trim off the tops carefully with a pair of scissors. This can leave a low spot in the carpet, but it may not be noticeable if it doesn't go too deep.

The other, perhaps obvious, option with bleach marks on carpet is to hide them by rearranging the furniture or placing a rug over the spot.

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